Certified Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician

Virginia prepares you for your life's most important moments!     


A few words from my clients

"Virginia,It was a pleasure to work with you yesterday. Your professionalism, charm, organization and most of all cleaniless is a model's ideal make up artist. I have experienced the ups and downs in this industry. One of the main downs is having a make up artist of a different ethinicity do my make up. In most cases they have been reluctant because it's challenging for them to match the colors. As a result, I have used the same make up artist consistantly for the longest time. Unfortunately for me all good things must come to an end. She moved and now I have to start all over again. lol However, you proved that it is possible to embace the challenge and for that I am grateful. You did an excellent job! I highly recommend your services to anyone and will call on you in the future.  Again thank you for your time and services!" - BJ, Model 

“One of my top three "go to" MUA's, particularly when I'm traveling to Houston or Galveston, Virginia is guaranteed satisfaction AND fun! With her laid back style and knowledge of both her craft as a makeup artist and a model, I never worry. She also holds a mean reflector. Will be booking her over, and over, and over, and over...”-Del Geno Durham - Photographer

 "You can be confident in Virginia's makeup. It will bring out the best of your model. Two things set her apart from other competent mua's: her model experience and her enthusiasm for the creative process of photography. Her model experience makes her a contributor to the image making process and her enthusiasm nurtures the whole creative process."  - Jerry Brown, Photographer @ Skyline Studios

"Virginia is a wonderful professional. On time, ready to go, and works to make the look work. The makeup looks great - but she also builds a solid rapport with the model. She makes the shoot work smoothly." -Bob Warren, Photographer @ Skyline Studios


"I can't recommend Virginia highly enough!  She's a great makeup artist (and model!), she takes her work seriously, she's reliable, thorough and fun.  She always goes in with the attitude that she has a personal stake in making the model look great.  The most important thing to me though is that she's super cool, funny and down to earth, which helps everyone get into the groove and have a great shoot.  Also, she has an instinctive sense for posing and she's happy to give new models/photographers direction." - Jacob M, Photographer


"I loved working with Virginia as my MUA! She is dedicated, responsible, and amazing at what she does. She has the power to transform faces (with her make-up), bodies (with her posing tips), and minds (with her awesome enthusiasm about everything! Especially the industry). She is very artistic, creative and detailed with her make-up, does her research beforehand to make sure everything looks right, and isn't afraid to go the extra mile to make things perfect. I highly recommend her!" - Janifer, Model 


"I am writing in regards to Virginia Mcconnell. She has been pursuing a career in the entertainment industry for some years now. I highly regard her as a makeup artist. Recently, she did make up for me at my photo shoot in Houston. She used the colors well and made me gorgeous. Virginia was great help.  I loved the job. Her personality is lovable, fun, and she makes sure her clients are happy.  It is a great decision to take her own as an employee or more."  - Kristin Jeanes, Model

 I had a great experience working with Virginia for a shoot.  Virginia is a passionate make up artist.  She works hard, takes her time and knows exactly what her passion is.  She is professional and a blast to work with.  She values your opinions and is always willing to helpful.  She's fun, her make up techniques are awesome.  Very clean and artistic with her make-up.  I would love to work with her again. - Tabitha Davila, Model


"Virginia is a gem -- incredibly  innovative and creative, she shows up on-time and ready to work and does a great job. She can adapt to almost any situation and has pulled my butt out of a sling more times than I can remember." - Dave Mundy, Photographer


"Virginia is the best!! She does an outstanding job and is completely professional. I would and will recommend her to anyone."  - Megan Danielle, Model


"I highly recommend JVirginia McConnell.  I had the pleasure to work with Jenya on many occasions and I have been extremely pleased with her work.  Jenya has shown her dedication to her profession and has strong desire to succeed in her career as a make-up artist.  Jenya is always seeking new challenges and she is not afraid to try out new ideas.  She is extremely excited and energized about her work.  She is very punctual, always prepared for the assignments and always shown a positive attitude towards her collegues and clients.  She has gained trusts from many local photographers and models, she is also highly recommended by several of my collegues.  She is one of the most desired makeup artist to work with here in Houston." - Michael Chang Photography


She is wonderful, I have used her for many photo shoots and my wedding! She is always on time if not early. -Sarah, Bride and Model


Virginia was my make up artist for a photo shoot I did last month. She came prepared and was attentive to detail. Her work was extremely professional and demonstrated a high level of skill. Virginia is not only talented in her trade, but she exceeded expectations by helping make the entire process comfortable and so much fun! The pictures turned out beautifully, I highly recommend her services to anyone. 

- Catherine, Photographer


As a model,I had the pleasure to working with Virginia many times. She's always on time, she's extremely creative, and can always make the vision you have in your head come true. She's super fun and nice, everytime I worked with her it's smile and laughter the whole time. She's always learning new skills and techniques. I would recommend Viginia to anyone who may need professional makeup service.” –Amy, Model

 About Virginia McConnell Brewster

Virginia McConnell has made quite a splash since health issues a few years back placed her successful modeling career on the back burner. Looking for a way to build on industry experience, yet, re-invent oneself, Virginia turned to media makeup. She trained under Angie G. Ford of Hollywood Expressions and has quickly become a favorite and/or “go to” artist for photographers and film producers across the state. In addition to her creative abilities and high level of professionalism, Virginia packs a personality sure to light up a room. If you want to look good, feel good and be confident for your big day, a photoshoot, or a night on the town, she will really make you look and feel special.

Colorado Springs, CO 80920 |719.477.3709

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